An important skill for people of all ages.

We believe public speaking is an invaluable lifelong skill that should be learned at an early age.

Public Speaking - Graham and MarianaDo you remember being asked to get up in front of the class during “show and tell” or having to explain your science project to a group of teachers during a science fair? What about high school assemblies or the debate team?

Moving on from high school into college all students require a verbal interview; then as we follow life’s path to adulthood there are always job interviews!

All of these examples revolve around the ability to confidently speak and express yourself in public!

Children and Technology

Technology is super important, however an entire generation of children know how to text with lighting speed, know every abbreviation for every expression and word in the dictionary, yet have a very hard time talking face to face with each other!

The art of communication and the comfort and ease in which we talk to each other is being compromised and we are here to help with that!

Overcome Stage Fright

How many times have you wanted to participate in a school play or get up to ask or answer a question in public only to feel your palms turn clammy and your knees weak?

We understand those feeling all too well because that has happened to all of us somewhere along the way.

There are certain tools and techniques that our multi-talented staff will demonstrate and explain so you will be able to conquer your stage fright and handle public speaking with ease!  In all of our acting classes we teach public speaking.  We also offer private and semi-private classes as well.

Our amazing instructors will help you improve and enhance the speaking quality and tone of your voice and to gain the confidence you need to comfortably address any gathering!

Our students learn from industry professionals and all ages and abilities are welcome.

To register or find out more about Public Speaking at Landrum, please call (718) 767-9787 or send us a message and we will get back to you promptly.