Fostering Self-Confidence, Creativity, and
A Love of Theater Arts.

Landrum Stage Acting classes for kids give students every opportunity to develop their very own Acting style with an incredible staff of industry professionals that have worked on and off Broadway, in National TV Dramas and Sitcoms, Movies, TV Commercials, Summer Stock Theater and more.

Our Instructors are members of Actors Equity, SAG, and AFTRA. They are extremely patient and kind and ready to help your child build their Acting skills one step at a time in a positive, judgment-free zone.

We give all our students an outlet for self-expression where they can be comfortable being that “creative kid” among other like-minded students in our program.

Our Stage Acting classes and descriptions are listed below; students interested in screen acting should see our On Camera classes.

From Learning to Performing

Each Acting class begins with basic Acting techniques; how much depends on the age of the student.

A younger child will do great with simple role-playing and Theater games. An older child can be introduced to basic acting techniques like short term objectives or asking questions “who, what, where and when” while reading a scene.

The process that a student goes through from their first Acting class to the actual performance is where all the fun is generated.

All of our students and staff members are involved in the process of producing the entire play:

All shows are professionally showcased in either the Landrum Showcase Theater or at our renowned year-end Recital at Queens College.

It is all part of a wonderful collaborative effort from everyone involved including our wonderful Landrum parents.

All of our Acting students will get a chance to be part of a performance; see tabs below for class descriptions as well as times/places for performances.

To register or find out more about Acting Classes for kids, please call (718) 767-9787 or send us a message and we will get back to you promptly.

To register or find out more about Acting Classes for kids, please call (718) 767-9787 or send us a message and we will get back to you promptly.

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