A Relaxed, Free Style of Dance

Modern Dance at Landrum Whitestone NYFocusing on the expression of inner feelings, Modern Dance allows students to show off their individuality.

Born in the early 20th century, Modern is a style that centers on a Dancer’s own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional Ballet Dance.

Modern Dance pioneers often danced barefooted and in very free flowing Dance attire, something we see in Dance schools and Performing Arts high school and colleges across the country today.

The legendary Martha Graham is credited for paving the way for American Modern Dance.

If considering attending a College for Dance Education it is strongly suggest that this class be taken, as most of the curriculum in Dance Colleges are centered on Modern Dance.

To register or for more information about Modern Dance Classes at Landrum please call (718) 767-9787 or send a message and we will get back to you promptly.