Rosa Taranto

My daughter has been at Landrum for 14 years! It is like her second home and family. She truly loves her teachers Miss Annette, Miss Gina Teri, and Miss Pamela! I have watched her grow not only in dance but also as a person. Our experience at Landrum has been exceptional and we are truly thankful and proud to be a part of the Landrum family.



Stephanie Volpe Levine

My daughter has been dancing at Landrum since 2003. This is her second home. She has made some wonderful friendships and has a great dance family. She has learned numerous life skills plus her dancing abilities. Absolutely no one beats the Landrum recital!



Romina Burger:

I began dancing at Landrum School of Performing Arts in 2011, after numerous years of dancing in various schools around the Queens, New York area. This was the first school that was both challenging but also extremely enjoyable and filled with staff members that truly have been an inspiration throughout my life. As a college student now, the lessons and self-discipline that this school has provided me, continues to be a major factor for my successes. I believe any child, boy or girl, will greatly benefit from joining such a exciting and loving community of talented individuals.



Jax’s and Tommie’s Mommy:

My daughter joined her first preschool ballet class at 18 months old. We signed her up following a devastating family tragedy. It was one hour a week that was the most enjoyable! She smiled going to class and I smiled taking her to class! Jax is now 14 years old and on the Landrum Competition team. My youngest daughter Tommie is taking her first pre-school ballet class.

Landrum is so much more than a dance class! The life skills learned there have shaped the mature, confident, happy young woman my daughter has become. The safety, and love that she found at the Landrum School of Performing Arts is why, after moving 40 minutes out to Long Island, my family and I still take Jaclyn there every day! And now we also take my younger daughter! The dance education is top of the line! So learning to dance like a professional and doing it with people who we now consider family … it is win-win! There is no place like home … no statement is more true … except … there is no place like Landrum!



The Denicker and Kenny Family:

Friendships, family and bonds are made at Landrum. Watching Tamara and Gina over the years dancing and teaching, I knew if I had a daughter she would go here. At almost 16 and following in their footsteps, Olivia has created her own friends and family at Landrum. It is not about the scores, titles, and medals, it is about the confidence, growth, and support my daughter has developed. Can’t thank EVERYONE at Landrum enough for your dedication and love. Thank you for making your starry night shine on stage.



Julie DeCastro and Family:

From the moment I gave birth to my daughter Taylor, I always wanted the best for her always. Taylor always wanted to be a dancer and be a part of a team that accepted her for who she was and not what she was capable of doing. Taylor has danced at other studios and was never given the training and attention that she received from day one at Landrum School of performing Arts.

I haven’t seen Taylor this happy and dedicated since she started. She was welcomed with open arms from the day she walk through those doors from both the teachers and students. Whether you are a student who goes there just to take classes or if you are on the competition team each child is treated equally and given the same attention and training.

I wish I would have signed Taylor up with this school many years ago. I couldn’t ask for a better place for her to be. I haven’t seen Taylor this happy and I attribute that to Miss Annette and the wonderful staff she has working with her. Thank you for making Taylor’s dance experiences enjoyable ones. Love you all from the bottom of our hearts.



Tom and Afroditi Amaxas:

Joining Landrum has been the best experience for my girls. My oldest daughter, Olympia, has been in Company for three years and loves every minute of it, while my youngest daughter, Niki, enjoys her hip hop class more than any other activity. The teachers are fantastic and wonderful human beings.

Both my girls, my husband and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Landrum Family. Landrum for us is like our second home and we couldn’t ask for a better staff to teach and empower our girls into becoming great dancers, and above all, strong and ambitious young ladies! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to being with you in the years that lie ahead!



Nicole Pellicane:

“My two daughters are in their first year at Landrum. At ages 11 and 13, it was a very difficult decision to leave their old dance school but they just needed more and we certainly found it at Landrum. The owner took 2 1/2 hours out of her day to meet with my husband and I to answer all our questions and even told us that she encourages us to look around and make the best decision for our children. She never once pressured us to sign them up or anything like that at all.

When we finally decided to give Landrum a shot and auditioned for the Company team, it was the best decision we ever made. All the kids were welcoming and friendly to my girls , the parents were extremely friendly and helpful and the owner , teachers and staff are amazing. The training they provide in the best there is. The school is immaculate, and most of all the staff actually CARES! The owner always tells the girls to strive to do their personal best! Winning is great but it’s not everything. Be better than you were last time for yourself is all she asks of them.

I have seen such a change in my girls since they have been at Landrum, from their self esteem to their dancing. We attended our first competition last weekend and I have to say I have never been so pleased. All I can say is WOW! Everything is organized, the kids have structure and discipline, just the right amount and they feel loved. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who has a passion for dance. Miss Annette and staff will certainly bring out the best in your child!! Five stars all the way!”



The Travers Family:

“Dear Miss Annette, Mr. James, Mr. Graham, and the staff of Landrum,

We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did over the past year for Hope.  She was always extremely shy and Landrum’s acting program gave her confidence, happiness, and a passion.  The singing program was a wonderful bonus that just amazed us!  From the recital to the play, we see the hard work and support that goes into each and every person in the school.  The talent you have coming out of the classes is simply wonderful!!  You must be so proud of your students and teachers and staff.  It shows how much you love them! The support that the students give each other is such a wonderful thing to witness in today’s day and age.  Hope tells us that is one of the many things she loves about Landrum.  She feels like she belongs.  She tells us that if she could go every day to Landrum, she would!

Thank you for recognizing Hope for her dedication.  The truth is, she is dedicated because you and Mr James and Mr Graham are dedicated to her and her classmates. We are so grateful to Landrum School of Performing Arts.  We are looking forward to see what is in store for next year! We are proud to be a part of the Landrum family! Thank you again for everything!  You truly have a remarkable school!”



Jessica Kimmel:

Thank you Miss Annette and staff.  It was a wonderful performance and a pleasure to see my children and nieces shine on the stage on Saturday night.  They are totally pumped up for adding more dancing classes to their schedule in the fall.  Thank you to all of you and your hard work!



Stephanie Levine:

“Thank you Annette for letting me perform in the parent number – its my Dancing with the Stars moment!  It was a Fantastic show!




“Annette, Connie and to all the great teachers:  Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for a great first year at LANDRUM.  Christina LOVES it so much and will miss coming there this summer.



Teresa Agresta:

” Annette, we had an amazing time and it was an amazing show.  Live.Love.Laugh ❤️



Myrna Apostolatos:

“You’re professionalism is one that I respect so highly. I live on Long Island and could have just attended any school out here, but what you have done for Landrums is completely amazing and unique and incomparable to any other school I’ve ever seen! I would never change it for anything in the world. Even if I lived in Jersey, or Connecticut or any per place. I would travel as far as I had to just to be part of your school. Thank you always for making it a great experience thus far! I can’t wait to see what the girls are going to be like in the next 5-10 years more. They love it there and have been there since they were just 3 years old. Now they’re almost 10, 9 and 6. Anyway, just a big thank you to you and your staff.”



Jessica & Michael Kimmel:

“I want to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for Vincent. To see him so happy and comfortable on that stage last night was an unbelievable moment as a parent.

To know who Vincent was a year and a half ago and to see him now they are two different people. Vincent had no confidence and would never have gone on stage in front of all of those people. Last years dance number and then this performance have helped to build him as a person.

We cannot thank you all enough for your patience and guidance in helping him become a performer!   We are looking forward to many more performances! ”



Alexia Kontogianis:

“Thank you for your all your hard work and patience with the children.  Chryssanthe and Arietta  had an amazing experience in your program.  I saw them gain more self confidence with each week that went by.

It was amazing to see how far all the children have come in only four months.  I know your program will continue to grow and flourish.  Keep up the amazing work.”



Dr. Amalia Athanasopoulos:

“I just want to say what an amazing show today! All the children are so talented and Georgia had a blast.

Thank you and to all the teachers 🙂   it was really fun and so well done!”



Mariela Colon:

“Landrum School of Dance is not just a dance school, it is a place where a child can come and feel like they are part of a family.

My daughter started dancing here at the age of 5 and now at the age of 14 she loves to come to this dance school just like the first day she started. Not only has she learned this great art of dance but she has also learned what teamwork means, respect for others and also to give to others.

I know when my daughter is at Landrum she is cared for and in the best hands since every teacher knows you and your child by name when you walk in. The staff always goes above and beyond to make sure each child feels like he or she is the most important person there.”



Pat DiGirolamo:

“My 2 daughters were members of the Landrum All Star Dance company for 22 years! It was their 2nd home! Throughout that time they were not only taught the very BEST dance technique, but also the value of team work, leadership, respect and responsibility.

All of these attributes are what makes Landrum an OUTSTANDING dancing school. As a result of being taught by the very best teachers, both of my daughters were accepted into performing arts High Schools, my youngest daughter is now attending one of the best dance conservatories in the country.

Landrum is often recognized at dance competitions for their creativity and school spirit, on top of their numerous 1st place awards for outstanding technique. And their recitals are the best I’ve ever attended!! I will always be proud to be a Landrum ‘Mom’ and will remain a part of the Landrum family forever.”



Connie Maglaras:

“Landrum School of Dance is way more than a dance school. It is a family. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Landrum family for about 20 years now; first as a student and now as an instructor/choreographer.

For me, quality has always been the Landrum difference. As a student at Landrum, a high emphasis was always placed on technique. Anyone who knows dance will tell you that technique is the foundation of any great dancer, and without it, freedom to create is simply impossible. Creativity and innovation were, and still are, never lacking at Landrum. You will never see the same dance piece twice and you can bet it will be cutting edge, never seen before ART!

This combination of technique, creativity, and art made me the best dancer that I could possibly be, winning numerous top awards at competitions not only individually, but as a group as well. Landrum showed me what teamwork is all about and after 20 years, I still call those teammates family. It is that all-inclusive, quality dance education I gained from Landrum which has enabled me to now be a great instructor/choreographer myself!”



Chrissy Davi:

“As a former Landrum School of dance student since the age of 12, there was no other choice when deciding and picking a dance school for my daughter. We lived out on Long Island and had to drive for over 30 minutes on the expressway and it was 30 minutes well worth it.

My daughter, Ava Grace, started pre-ballet at the age of 22 months and has loved dancing ever since. All of the teachers treat their students with love and respect and in return the students love and respect them. My daughter talks about all the fun creative moments she encountered while in class, proper terminology used on the ballet barre and across the floor and her favorite…free style fun with rhythmic ribbons to conclude the class.

Some schools only offer 30-45 minute classes for there preschool group while Landrum offers 60 minutes classes for mainstream. I watched my daughter grow into attention grabbing, confident, energetic and emotional entertainer.

The staff and office are always informative with seasonal newsletters with important dates, events, accomplishments from their competition team, postings throughout the school and handouts handed directly to the parents when your child exits the 1 out of 3 dance rooms. Landrum School of Dance was and is the perfect dance and performance environment.”



Karen McQuade:

“My daughter, Katie McQuade has always been well cared for by Miss Annette, Miss Connie, Miss Gina, and the rest of the gang!

To overcome her extreme shyness, I decided to enroll Katie in a dance class at the age of 3. It seemed like an easy decision since she was already a toddler at Precious Moments which was located below the dance studio.

Fast forward, Katie is now 17, still attending Landrum School of Dance as one of their senior “All Stars” on Landrum’s competitive dance team, a top student and dance major at the prestigious Professional Performing Arts School (“PPAS”) in Manhattan, Miss New York Jr. Teen National American Miss, Miss Queen’s

Outstanding Teen with the Miss America Program, Founder/Creator “Potholders for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness”, Teen Ambassador for the Lustgarten Foundation and Radio City Rockette In Training.

No longer the shy kid in the corner, that’s for sure. Best decision I ever made.”



Rosemarie Fabbricante:

“The Landrum School of Dance and Miss Annette have had a profound influence on my family. All 3 of my daughters danced at Landrum, however they received far more than dance instruction there. They have benefited by learning discipline, independence, time management, team work, camaraderie and loyalty.

Their creativity was encouraged and rewarded by pride in their performance. The Landrum Recital and dance competitions have always been wonderful family experiences for us. The time spent there will always provide warm memories for me.

Miss Annette has been an inspirational role model who has earned a special place in our hearts. She remained influential in my daughters’ lives as they transitioned into the Fabulous women they have become. She held an extra special place in my daughter Noelle’s life and still does by remembering and honoring her each year with the presentation of The Noelle Fabbricante Scholarship.

I thank her for the part she has played in the story of our lives and look forward to our future chapters.”



Michele Owens (Aunt, Sister, and Friend):

“The Landrum experience has made a very special imprint on my world.  For many years, my three nieces were were students and dance company team members at The Landrum School of Dance — and we have become a part of the extended Landrum ‘family.’

I believe the training they received, learning the importance of team work and being given opportunities to perform contributed to their maturity and self-confidence.  Or, what I lovingly say is their overall sense of worldliness!  I could not be more proud of the women they have become and I cherish the memories we created during our time at Landrum.”



Demi Fyrce:

“Landrum is one of the best performing arts schools I have ever instructed in!!! The environment is phenomenal!!! Students develop great charisma while learning creativity, patience and teamwork, along with a strong base in all forms of dance and performance technique from ground to air!!! Thank you Landrum for making my experience worth while!!!”



Stephani Mercaldi:

“I am so pleased with my daughter Sophia’s first ballet class experience at the Landrum School of Dance. She was the youngest one in the class and got right in. Her teachers were excellent and made it so enjoyable for her. The entire staff there was so warm and welcoming. Sophia’s favorite thing is dancing school! She would go every day to Landrum if she could.

I was also happy with how wonderful the other children and their mom’s were. It was an amazing experience for my daughter and I. We still can”t stop talking about the recital, it was a spectacular show from start to finish. We are looking forward to returning in the fall, Sophia is counting the days!

Thank you to everyone at Landrum, especially Ms. Annette!”



Evelyn Karis:

“Landrum School of the Performing Arts is the only choice for me and my family. My oldest daughter started when I noticed a naturally affinity for dance at the age of two. As a result of watching all the fun her big sister was having, my sixteen month old asked to join as well.

So, five years later I have had nothing but amazing experiences watching my children grow at this school. From the beginning, I was impressed with the instructors because teaching a class of two year old children and keeping their attention for an hour is no easy feat. Not only were the children happy to go but at the end of the year, when I saw my babies get on a stage in a theater filled with hundreds of people, not only did they perform, but they stole the show! And what a show it was! It was akin to a Broadway Musical.

Since then, it has been year after year of beautiful experiences for me and my entire family. My children have made best friends at this school, as have I. They have learned the basics of dance and have moved on to begin training on the competition team. I never thought that we would be at this stage, since when I joined I was only interested in exposing them to a physical and social activity. Now I see that there is so much more to it than that, I see that they are truly learning the principles of dance and have been taught by some of the industry’s best and most dedicated.

Annette Vallone is the owner and former Rockette. She has taken her dedication, discipline and passion for the performing arts and transposed it onto our children. Her love for her life’s work is apparent and infectious. It is no wonder the children all walk into Landrum with a smile on their faces, when they are greeted by this great lady.

Yet, it is not her dancing abilities and adherence to technique that wow me, its the kindness and encouragement that she offers that make this a wonderful place to be. Yes, the children are trained and that takes discipline and hard work, and even though competition is a cut throat environment, Annette manages to keep the children grounded and encouraged.

She is more interested in having the children strive to better themselves than churning out winners (even though they do win.) For a child to know that their teachers want them to achieve personal growth and accomplishment is inspiring. Most importantly, it is obvious that she loves these children and sees the potential in them.

She has the ability to draw it out, hone it and perfect it and does it in a place where they feel at home. I guess my children are not the only ones that love her though, because her entire staff are former students. That speaks volumes.

How can you measure the value of what the children gain as a result of coming to Landrum when they are performing at various benefits throughout the year? To see my children becoming aware of community spirit and giving of themselves are values that are ingrained in the Landrum ethos.

This is not the typical dance school and it is the reason why I would never go anywhere else. To have the older dancers mentoring the younger ones and teach them the meaning of team spirit is beauty in its purest form.

Ultimately, every parent makes their decision about what they want for their children. If you are looking for a great after school activity, then Landrum offers that in spades. If you are looking for something more, that extra mile, then there is no other choice, in my opinion.

You can always sign up for a dance class, but here you are getting much much more. With the new additions such as acting and singing, the school is light years ahead. For me, though, the reason why I have chosen Landrum is the results I have witnessed in my children which are immeasurable by conventional standards. Watching confidence bloom in my children, seeing their passion, their discipline, their hard work and sportsmanship are beyond a doubt the reason why!

Thank you Landrum!”



Stephanie Levine:

“I have sent my daughter to Landrum since she was 2 1/2 years old to learn pre-school ballet. Her teacher Ms Debbie was absolutely a positive role model and sparked the dancing dream in my daughters eyes and feet. She has been dancing at Landrum for 10 years now and it has become her second family.

You can start with one class, add more as time goes by and even decide to join their competition team, whatever your path may be you will not regret your experience. The dance educators are there to help you in your decisions and make it a positive experience for your child.”



Afroditi Amaxas, “Proud Landrum Mom”:

“Landrum is such a great school! My youngest daughter is in mini ballet for her first year and my oldest daughter had been attending Landrum for 4 years. They both love it and they have developed wonderful relationships with their teachers and fellow classmates.

My oldest daughter has also joined the mini team and she is thrilled! We can hardly wait for our first competition! Wonderful school, excellent curriculum, professional and courteous staff and an amazing director! I recommend Landrum School of Performing Arts and once you join you will be amazed!”



Aliki Sidiropolous:

“Landrum has been an amazing experience for my daughter. It is the best dance school with the best teachers out there! It offers singing, acting and much more as well. The owner and staff put so much time and love into their students I never expected to get so much out of a dance school, it really surpassed my expectations.

I am very pleased with the progress my daughter has shown in all areas. They work side by side with each child individually to bring out the best and help them reach their goals.

There is no better recital than Landrum’s, you will be blown away. I look forward to many more wonderful years. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”



Mary Arvanitopoulos:

“Words cannot describe how much we love Landrum and especially the acting program! I was looking for an acting school for Alexa since last year and I was ready to enroll her somewhere else in September of 2013 when I overheard you saying that you will be creating an acting program at Landrum!

I immediately cancelled previous arrangements I had made to look at other schools because I knew I didn’t need to look any further!! Landrum is where my family belongs. You have made such a tremendous difference in my little girls life! You bring out the best in her through acting, singing and dancing.

Your dedication and love for your students is so evident! Kids don’t lie Miss Annette! We adults can be fake to those around us we don’t really like but kids don’t have that in them. Kids love those who love them back with all their heart. And trust me Alexa loves you very much.

I am proud for my decision to stick with Landrum this year and every year from on until Alexa decides to move on on her own. It’s by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”



Mariela Colon:

“My daughter, Daniella, is a member of the Landrum Dance competition team and when the Acting program started she was very interested. I thought it may be alot since she dances at her high school and at Landrum already.

BUT I WAS WRONG! It was the best thing to agree to this program. She loves it! All the kids were very welcoming and both Ms Annette and Mr James worked with her to learn her lines for her 3 characters. They encouraged the kids to keep trying no matter what. It was wonderful to see all these kids so excited to perform and boy did they!

I cannot wait to see what other plays will be done with the kids next year.”



Denise Martin-Mallios:

“I can’t express enough how much we love this program. My daughter, Keviana, LOVES to act. She was in the plays at school and did well that they suggested to find a program to help her social skills. Well Annette started this just in time. Instead of therapy we chose acting!! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Annette is very nurturing and caring and shows love for all the children. My daughter can’t wait till September to start all over again. Thank you for this fabulous program.”



Anna Troia:

“Wow, what a show! This is my 14th recital with Landrum and I am still left speechless by the end of the night. Every year I think they won’t be able to outdo the one from the year before and then…. You really need to experience it to believe it. Landrum is truly an amazing organization you can’t go wrong with. Yes, it is demanding on the kids.

They are expected to work very hard, be very dedicated and work as a team(all values we as parents want to instill in them as well) . HOWEVER, the dedication, commitment, effort and loyalty these kids get in return from the ENTIRE Landrum family is priceless and truly commendable!!

Each and every teacher has a passion for what they do and it is apparent in so many ways- the creativity, the attention to detail, the fun atmosphere-all in all a strive for perfection with the best interest of the kids at heart!! What more can one ask for?

It is a privilege to be a part of the Landrum family. Thank you!

Congratulations on your business woman award- yeah!!! You should be very proud of all of your accomplishments and know that you are an outstanding role model to every little girl that comes your way! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Have a great summer!”




“My daughter took acting, singing and musical theater classes at Landrum’s this past year and she loved it! Not only did she grow in her skills and a sense of mastery in these areas, but she grew by leaps and bounds in her confidence and self-esteem in general.

Miss Annette, the director, truly cares for and believes in each child — and they know it! Mr Tom, the acting teacher gives his students ownership of their learning and allows them the freedom to use their own creativity to come up with skits.

It was so encouraging and much fun that my daughter never wanted to miss a class, come hell or high water!!! The studio offers an emotionally safe place for kids to discover their talents, take risks and grow.”



Rosa Taranto:

“It was a great experience for Gianna and I!!  Thank you for everything! xoxo”



Evelyn Karis:

“Thank you for an incredible first year on your mini team. My girls had the time of their lives. They built beautiful friendships and have joined an incredible family at your school.

I want to thank you for all you have done for our family and for the best year. I admire your patience and dedication to all your students and the beauty of your craft. You inspire each child to strive for their best and encourage them to follow their dreams, truly invaluable lessons.

I wish you a great summer and look forward to the years to come.”



Sophia Pappas:

“Lia enjoys acting class every Friday and is even happier when you have an extra rehearsal class. Making Lia happy makes me very happy!

Thank you so much! She can’t wait for next year!”