Having the opportunity to teach, love and get to know Noelle Fabbricante will always be one of the greatest joys of the entire Landrum team!

Noelle Fabbricante Landrum School of Performing Arts has so many things to be grateful for over the years and Noelle Fabbricante was definitely one of our highlights!

Her energy, enthusiasm for everything from dance to beautiful clothes and shoes (oh those shoes) was infectious!

She was the greatest people person for her age we had ever met. She walked into a room and you just smiled and giggled because she was there. She made everyone laugh and had a kind word about EVERYONE and we mean everyone!

She never gave up on the dance floor, no matter how tired she might have been. She was always took the role as group leader, telling the class “Come on let’s do it again until we get it right!” Her outlook in life and in dance class was always extremely positive and amazingly up-beat. Everyone loved to be around her!

Noelle’s sisters Carla and Gina, her mom and dad, Ro and Tom, and their Aunt Michelle will always be life long cherished friends. Landrum has always been a special place, and with our very own “Landrum Angel” watching out for all of us will always be!

Noelle Fabbriccante Collage Noelle Fabbriccante Collage

To honor the memory of Noelle, each year we select a student who embodies the spirit, kindness and positive qualities of Noelle and award them a scholarship to the Landrum School of Performing Arts.

2015 Fabbricante Scholarship Recipient

Maria Troia

Previous Recipients:

Daniella and Mariella 2014

Melina Zanfardino 2013

Melissa Riccobono 2012

Vicki Maglaras 2011

Elizabeth Joa 2010

Melissa Miranda 2009