Ballet is the foundation from which all styles of dance are born.

Ballet at LandrumIt is the epitome of discipline and arguably the most elegant style of dance.

Students benefit from starting at an early age. Among the plethora of important skills, it teaches the dancer to learn about their body, flexibility, core strength, balance, and focus.

Proper Ballet terminology is used in all ballet classes and taught to students as young as our Pre-School Ballet Classes.

Students are taught ballet through repetition of movement at the ballet barre, learning body placement, warming and strengthening their muscles, and building technique that can be brought to the center.

In the center of the dance floor students will work on adagio, petite allegro, allegro and grand allegro.

As they progress in age and class level, the level of their instruction becomes more intricate.

All Ballet Classes are taught by seasoned industry professionals in a encouraging and respectful environment.

To register or for more information about Ballet Classes at Landrum please call (718) 767-9787 or send a message and we will get back to you promptly.