All of the Performing Arts Instructors at Landrum have impressive professional resumes, spanning many years and all areas of the Arts.

The biggest benefit for students, however, lies in their creative, supportive, and friendly personalities.  Each student receives personal attention and is encouraged to give their very best in order to reach their goals, whether they are training for a career or just there to have fun, be fit, and make friends.

We are so proud of all of our staff!

Annette Vallone, Owner and Director

Annette Vallone Director

Creative, determined and compassionate, Annette has been instrumental in propelling others to remarkable success in dance, the performing arts, and various other non-dance related fields.

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Gina Teri, Assistant Director

Gina Teri Assistant Director

An amazing performer and instructor, her choreography, and her students, are consistently recognized at regional and national competitions with awards for title wins, creativity, and entertainment value.

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Pamela Alviar, Instructor

Pamela Alviar Landrum Instructor

Pamela’s love of dance just radiates from inside her when she takes the stage but in life it’s her kindness that shines even brighter!

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Demi Fyrce, Instructor

Demi Fyrce Landrum Instructor

Demi’s passion for Circus Arts as well as her experience in Dance and Choreography create a positive and energetic environment for students to express themselves.

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James Johnson, Instructor

James Johnson Landrum Instructor

James has a beautiful spirit, great energy, and enthusiasm. His impressive career runs the gamut of Performing Arts, with significant accomplishments in Singing, Dancing, and Acting.

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Debbie Gianatsis, Instructor

Debbie Giannatsis Landrum Instructor

A lifetime of dance, starting at Landrum at age 4, has given Debbie the skills and experience to create a fun and nurturing atmosphere in all her classes.

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Kelsey Sheldon, Instructor

Kelsey Sheldon, Landrum School of Performing Arts Music Instructor_Landrum Instructors

A frequent performer in both Queens and Albany, her passion is to share her love and knowledge of music with her students, while respecting their individuality and nurturing their musical potential.

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Prince Reilly, Instructor

Prince Reilly, Landrum Instructor_Landrum Instructors

Charlyn Pappaccio DeLorenzo, Instructor

Charlyn Pappaccio DeLorenzo Landrum Instructor_Landrum Instructors

“Captain Connie” Teri, Office Manager

Captain Connie Teri Manager

A long time member of the Landrum family, Connie started out as a Landrum Mom (Assistant Director Gina is her daughter).

We call her “Captain Connie” because she does it all! There is not enough space on this page to list all the ways she has been germane to the success of The Landrum School of Performing Arts.We are so proud to have this fabulous woman on “Team Landrum.”